May 24 – 26, 2021
US/Eastern timezone

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we will hold the workshop online using


This event is part of the CFNS workshop/ad-hoc meeting series. See the CFNS conferences page for other events.

RHIC experiments study the properties of newly discovered “perfect liquid”, a primordial matter made of quarks and gluons. RHIC experiments also provide important glimpses into the inner structure of the proton spin composition and of the parton structure inside heavy ions. RHIC furthermore offers opportunities to study various mechanisms by which colored matter hadronizes into the color-neutral particles observed, and how those mechanisms may be modified in nuclear media.  For the remaining years of RHIC operation before the start of the EIC, it is important to identify and take advantage of the science opportunities that can inform the EIC program.

Our goal is to identify and write up a summary of the RHIC science programs that can be leveraged toward the EIC in the remaining years of RHIC operation. Some of the areas of potential interest are: nuclear parton distribution through rapidity and flow harmonic correlations in A+A and small systems at RHIC, improving understanding of gluon spin in polarized protons, nuclear PDFs from p+A collisions, generalized parton distributions and transverse-momentum-dependent distributions from the measurements in UPC and polarized p+p and p+A collisions, hadronization in p+p, p+A, and A+A, quantum entanglement and exotic searches.


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