US-ATLAS Education and Outreach Event

Anna Goussiou (University of Washington) , Kathryn Grimm (CSU East Bay) , Ketevi Adikle Assamagan (BNL) , dhiman chakraborty (Northern Illinois University)

The ATLAS Experiment is a worldwide effort with over 3000 physicists and engineers - with a strong participation from 45 US universities and national labs (US-ATLAS) - at the CERN international laboratory located in Geneva, Switzerland. The project aims to improve our understanding of the Universe - its birth, evolution, current state, and future. The research offers a wide range of practical applications and educational opportunities. This event will serve as an informal introduction to ATLAS research and discuss US-ATLAS programs that new students and university groups can get involved in.

Although the primary target is Under Represented Minority (URM) students, this workshop is also of interest to a broader audience, from URM undergraduate students, to potential graduate student/postdoc/faculty mentors, and anyone interested in providing further inputs to a coordinated plan for attracting URMs.

US-ATLAS Outreach
  • Aayushma Uprety
  • Abram L
  • Al-Maliq Adetunji
  • Amit Bandyopadhyay
  • Andrew White
  • Anna Goussiou
  • Bupe Abraham Mazyopa
  • Candice Basson
  • Christopher Verga
  • Denisha Sapkota
  • Diomaris Padilla
  • ebode onyie fabien
  • Elise Le Boulicaut
  • Elizabeth Phiri
  • Fati Amadou Oumarou
  • Ghislain Mandouma
  • Giselle Zampetti
  • Jeff Mpabanga
  • Joseph Haley
  • Juchao Yan
  • Khosro Shirvani
  • Kossivi Maglo
  • Mainza Hamatowe
  • Marcus Alfred
  • Matthew LaCascia
  • Mayda Velasco
  • Meirin Oan Evans
  • Michael Ayewoh
  • Michael Begel
  • Michael OYELAKIN
  • Mohammed Abdelrazek Aboelela
  • Mounia Laassiri
  • Muhammad Awal
  • Murty Kambhampati
  • Nathnael Kahassai
  • Nicolás Fernández
  • Obedience Munkombwe
  • Olesson Cesalien
  • Paul Chitembwa
  • Perseverance Sawila
  • Pratik Kafle
  • Rachel Nyirongo
  • Rakesh Chandra Prajapati
  • Randa Yerrou
  • rohith ediga
  • Sabina Gautam
  • Sagar Patel
  • Shiksha Pandey
  • Simon Simbule
  • Soumaya Manai
  • Subramanian Ramakrishnan
  • Suyog Shrestha
  • Tandeka Boko
  • Tarik Eltaeib
  • Thanasis Papadopoulos
  • Toivo Samuel Mabote
  • Veniece Keene
  • Yassine El Ghazali
Dr. Kétévi A. Assamagan Prof. Anna Goussiou, Prof. Kathryn Grimm, Prof. Dhiman Chakraborty