Aug 1 – 5, 2022
US/Eastern timezone

This event is part of the CFNS workshop/ad-hoc meeting series. See the CFNS conferences page for other events.


The discussions at our workshop will feature the following topics

  • Precision fixed-order calculations of polarized and unpolarized hard-scattering cross sections for the EIC. This includes QCD corrections at NLO and beyond for inclusive and semi- inclusive scattering, for jet, hadron or photon final states;

  • QCD threshold resummation for EIC cross sections and their impact on phenomenology;

  • Techniques for extraction of PDFs and FFs from future EIC data in the context of global analyses, and the status and prospect for “joint” global analyses that aim at simultaneous extractions of PDFs and FFs;

  • High-pT observables at the EIC and their interplay with TMD physics.

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CFNS Center
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