EIC Seminar

Agnieszka Luszczak (Cracow University of Technology)

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    • 2:00 PM 3:00 PM
      The energy momentum tensor in QCD

      Speaker: Associate Professor Barbara PASQUINI (University of Pavia & INFN Pavia)
      The energy-momentum tensor (EMT) has recently become a major focus of both theoretical and experimental efforts in hadron physics. A deeper understanding of the EMT in quantum chromodynamics (QCD) and empirical knowledge of its matrix elements for physical hadron states can shed light on important questions such as the origin and decomposition of the proton mass, the distribution of angular momentum, pressure and shear forces in the proton.

      In this seminar, I will review recent developments in this field, with focus in the theoretical interpretation of the form factors of the proton EMT and their relations to experimental observables.