November 29, 2022 to December 2, 2022
Wang Center, Stony Brook University
US/Eastern timezone

LoLX : Studying light in liquid xenon using SiPMs

Nov 29, 2022, 4:40 PM
Theater (Wang Center)


Wang Center

Contribution Talk WG7: Photon Detectors (incl. CCDs) WG7: Photon Detectors (incl. CCDs)


Bernadette Maria Rebeiro (McGill University)


The Light-only Liquid Xenon (LoLX) experiment is designed to study the properties of light emission and transport in liquid xenon (LXe) using Hamamatsu VUV4 Silicon Photo Multiplier (SiPM) modules. LoLX is also being used to investigate the timing structures of scintillation and Cherenkov light production in LXe and provide a better understanding of the effects of external cross-talk between neighboring SiPM modules. LoLX is currently being upgraded to investigate the long-term stability and performance of the Hamamatsu VUV4 SiPMs in LXe environment as well as measure the performance of FBK VUV-HD3 SiPMs. Understanding cross-talk in large SiPM arrays and validating photon transport simulations are important for low background LXe experiments such as nEXO that will search for the neutrinoless double beta (0νββ) decay of Xe-136. In this talk, I will present the status of LoLX as well as preliminary results and discuss future plans of the collaboration.

Primary author

Bernadette Maria Rebeiro (McGill University)


Thomas Brunner (McGill University) Fabrice Retiere (TRIUMF) Simon Viel (Carleton University) Marc-André Tetrault (Université de Sherbrooke) Soud Al Kharusi (McGill University) Bindiya Chana (Carleton University) Austin De. St. Croix (TRIUMF) Eamon Egan (McGill University) Marco Francesconi (INFN) David Gallacher (McGill University) Luca Galli (INFN) Pietro Giampa (SNOLAB) Peter Margetak (TRIUMF) Juliette Martin (TRIUMF) Sarah Nowicki (McGill University) Lisa Rudolph (McGill University) Liang Xie (TRIUMF)

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