Physics Department Summer Lectures 2022

Large Seminar Room and Zoom (Hybrid)

Large Seminar Room and Zoom


Milind Diwan (BNL)

The Physics Department Summer Lecture series introduces the latest research in nuclear and particle physics being pursued at Brookhaven Lab at a level appropriate for advanced undergraduate STEM students and beginning graduate students.  The series will include lectures on the Standard Model of particle physics, Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD), current and future nuclear and particle physics experiments and introductory cosmology.  The lectures will cover both theoretical concepts  as well as detector technologies and the latest experimental and computational techniques.

This year's lectures will proceed in thematic blocks as follows:

  1. Introduction to the Standard Model
  2. Searches for Physics beyond the Standard Model 
  3. Quantum Chromodynamics and the Strong Force
  4. Introductory Cosmology
  5. Instrumentation for Nuclear and Particle Physics
  6. Select Experimental Results in Nuclear and Particle Physics
  7. Statistical and Computational Techniques in Nuclear and Particle Physics

Lectures for summer 2022 will be held Hybrid  and recorded. To attend the lectures please use this Zoom Link