EIC Software Meeting on Detector and Physics Simulations

2-160 (BNL Physics)


BNL Physics

Andrea Bressan (Trieste), Markus Diefenthaler (Jefferson Lab), Torre Wenaus (BNL)

The Electron-Ion Collider User Group (EICUG) is organizing an EIC Ad-hoc Meeting on detector and physics simulations: 

We will work out the requirements for simulation tools including geometry exchange between the eRHIC and JLEIC concepts and plan next steps for common tools for the EICUG. The work will be also relevant for TOPSiDE and other detector concepts for the EIC. 

The goal of the meeting is to clarify the strategy for EIC detector and physics simulations and to meet on the time scale of FY19/FY20 the requirements for common tools and documentation in the EICUG. We would like to include all EIC Software initiatives in our discussion. 

The meeting will be held at BNL on July 10, prior to the EIC Generic Detector R&D meeting on July 11-12, and will include presentations from HEP and NP experts as well as discussions with EIC Software developers. 

The meeting has a hard finish at 3pm (we lose the room).

If you wish to attend in person and do not have a current BNL badge, please contact Torre Wenaus (wenaus@gmail.com, 631-681-7892) as soon as possible. Also contact Torre with any BNL related issues in general.

BlueJeans: https://bluejeans.com/920347364

    • 09:00 12:15
      Morning session

      The meeting opens with a review and discussion of the requirements for software simulating EIC physics processes and detector responses, with a particular focus on current/near term simulation needs in support of users doing physics performance and detector design studies.

      This is then followed by the current full and fast simulation software efforts addressing how their software meets requirements and the role they see for their software in supporting the current/near term needs of users.

      Discussion should then address how to improve commonality and ease of use to allow users to work with multiple detector concepts easily without learning N different systems.

    • 13:00 15:00
      Afternoon session

      The afternoon session will discuss community tools and their prospective roles in EIC simulation.

      The objective of the final discussion is to emerge with a plan for the most-needed work towards a user-friendly means of simulating all detector concepts within common infrastructure.

      • 13:00
        DD4HEP for EIC 30m

        The DD4HEP detector description package with particular EIC near term interest in geometry exchange and modular digitization

        Speaker: Markus Frank (CERN)
      • 13:30
        Geant4 for EIC 30m

        Detector simulations in Geant4 with particular EIC near term interest in geometry exchange and modular digitization as a standalone code after Geant4. Also of interest are Geant4 plans for fast simulation and the potential use of G4's fast simulation infrastructure for EIC.

        Speaker: Makoto Asai (SLAC)
      • 14:00
        Geant4 for EIC generic detector R&D 15m
        Speaker: Yulia Furletova (Jefferson Lab)
      • 14:15
        Discussion 45m

        See the live notes