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7-11 September 2020
Center for Nuclear Femtography (SURA) and Center for Frontiers in Nuclear Science (SBU/BNL)
US/Eastern timezone

One-Loop Matching for Spin-Dependent Quasi-TMDs

7 Sep 2020, 11:50



Ms Stella Schindler (MIT)


Transverse-momentum-dependent parton distribution functions (TMDPDFs) provide a unique probe of the three-dimensional spin structure of hadrons. We construct spin-dependent quasi-TMDPDFs that are amenable to lattice QCD calculations and that can be used to determine spin-dependent TMDPDFs. We calculate the short-distance coefficients connecting spin-dependent TMDPDFs and quasi-TMDPDFs at one-loop order. We find that the helicity and transversity distributions have the same coefficient as the unpolarized TMDPDF. We also argue that the same is true for pretzelosity and that this spin universality of the matching will hold to all orders in $\alpha_s$. Thus, it is possible to calculate ratios of these distributions as a function of longitudinal momentum and transverse position utilizing simpler Wilson line paths than have previously been considered.

Primary author


Markus Ebert (MIT) Iain Stewart (MIT) Yong Zhao (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

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