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7-11 September 2020
Center for Nuclear Femtography (SURA) and Center for Frontiers in Nuclear Science (SBU/BNL)
US/Eastern timezone

UV divergence of the quasi-PDF operator under the lattice regularization

8 Sep 2020, 11:56



Yikai Huo (Columbia University)


Even since the quasi parton distribution function (PDF) was proposed within the large-momentum effective theory (LaMET) framework, its renormalization under lattice regularization has been a central challenge due to the existence of linear divergences. Previous theoretical studies have shown that the quasi-PDF operator is multiplicatively renormalizable and the linear divergence comes from the gauge link in the Wilson line only. Thus, we can extract the linear divergence from various quantities, e.g., the Wilson loop or the off-shell quark matrix element using the regularization independent momentum subtracted (RI/MOM) schemes. In this talk, we discuss and compare the linear divergence extracted from different methods, with the calculation being carried out using the MILC configurations with the lattice spacing from $0.03$ fm to $0.12$ fm.

Primary authors

Prof. Peng Sun (Nanjing Normal University) Dr Yi-Bo Yang (Institute of Theoretical Physics, Chinese Academy of Science) Yikai Huo (Columbia University)

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