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ECCE Simulation Workshop


This is the first ECCE simulations workshop. It is intended as a workshop for students and postdocs who will be actively engaged in ECCE simulations.

We ask that participants please register for the workshop so we have a list of contacts for future announcements and information. This will also be used to invite participants to a Mattermost channel. 

Connection Information:
    Please click this URL to start or join. https://iastate.zoom.us/j/99332568893?pwd=SGtDMzBYRUN6SFlPYnJYNFZXTUdxZz09
    Or, go to https://iastate.zoom.us/join and enter meeting ID: 993 3256 8893 and password: 762800


Please join the Mattermost channel for Fun4All discussions based around ECCE:  https://chat.sdcc.bnl.gov/eic/channels/fun4all-ecce 
If you do not have a BNL account, email Jin Huang (jhuang@bnl.gov) for an invitation.

Pre-workshop Tutorials

 Some instructions for setting up Fun4All and EIC Smear that would be useful to look at prior to the start of the workshop can be found at: Tutorials

Singularity container instructions: https://github.com/ECCE-EIC/Singularity

Simulation and Fun4All EIC Yellow Report Tutorial: https://indico.bnl.gov/event/7281/#b-4588-detector-full-simulatio

Recorded tutorials on Fun4All: https://indico.bnl.gov/event/7254/

    • 09:30 10:00
      Introduction to ECCE and call for proposals 30m
      Speaker: John Lajoie (Iowa State University)
    • 10:00 10:30
      Fun4All Fundamentals 30m
      Speaker: Chris Pinkenburg (BNL)
    • 10:30 11:00
      Tutorial: From Simulation to Reconstruction to Analysis 30m
      Speaker: Joe Osborn (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
    • 11:00 11:15
      Coffee 15m
    • 11:15 11:45
      Simulation towards ECCE proposal 30m
      Speakers: Cameron Dean (LANL) , Dr Jin Huang (Brookhaven National Lab)
    • 11:45 12:15
      EIC Smear to Fun4All 30m
      Speaker: Dr Kolja Kauder (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
    • 12:15 14:00
      Lunch 1h 45m
    • 14:00 14:30
      Detector Configurations in Simulations 30m
      Speakers: Dr Friederike Bock (Oak Ridge National Laboratory) , Nicolas Schmidt (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
    • 14:30 15:00
      Far-Forward region in Simulations 30m
      Speaker: Ciprian Gal (Stony Brook University)
    • 15:00 15:15
      Tea 15m
    • 15:15 16:15
      QA 1h
      Speakers: Chris Pinkenburg (BNL) , Cristiano Fanelli (MIT) , Dr Jin Huang (Brookhaven National Lab)