The meeting marks the passage of twenty-five years since the first numerical simulations with Domain Wall Quarks (DWQ) at Brookhaven National Laboratory. An important focus will be on the anomalies in the muon g-2 and in flavor-physics and how best the lattice can continue to address them. For the latter, heavy DWQ simulations including dynamical DWQ at finer lattice spacings will be discussed. Theoretical topics and challenges for Domain Wall Fermions in the next ten years will also be considered. Other topics include CP violation in kaon decays and mixing, long-distance calculations of Delta mK, rare K-decays, K^0=>2 gamma, pion scattering, radiative decays, EM corrections, nucleon EDM, proton decays, neutrino-nucleon scattering etc.

Organizing Committee Members:


Peter Boyle (BNL/Edinburgh)

Taku Izubuchi (BNL/RBRC)

Luchang Jin (UCONN/RBRC)

Chulwoo Jung (BNL/RBRC)

Christoph Lehner (BNL/Regensburg/RBRC)

Amarjit Soni (BNL)

Sergey Syritsyn (SBU/RBRC)

Virtual Event