EIC Seminar

Agnieszka Luszczak (Cracow University of Technology)

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    • 2:00 PM 3:00 PM
      Subeikonal corrections in the Color Glass Condensate

      Speaker: Associate Professor Tolga ALTINOLUK (NCBJ)
      Color Glass Condensate (CGC) is the effective theory that is used to study high energy hadronic collisions. One of the key approximations adopted in the CGC framework is the so-called eikonal approximation. In this approximation, one neglects all power-suppressed energy corrections and just keeps the leading contribution. While this approximation is very successful and powerful tool to describe the asymptotically high energy scatterings, in reality the scattering energies that are reached in the experiments are limited. In this talk, we present a systematic way to include subeikonal corrections in the CGC calculations which are expected to be sizable for future EIC phenomenology.