ePIC DAQ and electronics WG: Workshop Protocols/Interface/Timing and Clock Distribution

C-120 (CFNS)



Center for Frontiers in Nuclear Science Department of Physics and Astronomy Stony Brook University Stony Brook, NY 11794-3800

This meeting will be accessible online via zoom (password via email to registered participants).

Working workshop to define Interface, protocols and clock / timing distribution for the ePIC experiment.

We would like at least one representent of each detector WG to participate.

There are links to a shared document and spreadsheet to use as starting point of the workshop discussion.


This event is part of the CFNS workshop/ad-hoc meeting series. See the CFNS conferences page for other events.


  • Alexander Jentsch
  • Alexandre Camsonne
  • Chris Cuevas
  • Davide Falchieri
  • Douglas Hasell
  • Ernst Sichtermann
  • Fernando Barbosa
  • Gerard Visser
  • Irakli Mandjavidze
  • James Jamilkowski
  • Jan Bernauer
  • Jeff Landgraf
  • Jin Huang
  • Joachim Schambach
  • John Lajoie
  • Leo Dalesio
  • Marius Wensing
  • Markus Diefenthaler
  • Martin Purschke
  • Norbert Novitzky
  • Oskar Hartbrich
  • Pietro Antonioli
  • Sergey Furletov
  • Tom Hayes
  • Tonko Ljubicic
  • William Gu
  • Zhenyu Ye