BNL Workshop on SUSY with 5 / fb at the LHC

Snyder Auditorium, Bldg 911 (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Snyder Auditorium, Bldg 911

Brookhaven National Laboratory

By Spring 2012, we expect many new results on SUSY, Higgs and BSM physics from ATLAS and CMS, based on analysis of the full 2011 dataset. SUSY searches will become sensitive to those aspects directly testing SUSY as a solution to the hierarchy problem, while Higgs searches will reach a sensitivity covering almost the entire low mass range. We plan a 3-day workshop for US physicists for an in-depth look at the SUSY searches conducted by ATLAS and CMS. Experimental talks will be given by young researchers who are experts in their analyses to foster lively discussion. These specialized talks will be supplemented by broader review talks, covering both experiment and theory on SUSY and Higgs physics.
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  • Alexander Paramonov
  • Alfredo Gurrola
  • amarjit soni
  • Antoine Marzin
  • Bart Butler
  • Benjamin Hooberman
  • Brokk Toggerson
  • Carlos E.M. Wagner
  • Daniel Pomeroy
  • David Adams
  • David Mason
  • David Rahm
  • David Shih
  • Dmitri Tsybychev
  • Duong Nguyen
  • Elisabetta Furlan
  • Francesco Lanni
  • Frank Paige
  • George Redlinger
  • Hong Ma
  • Hooman Davoudiasl
  • Howard Gordon
  • Hye-Sung Lee
  • Ian Lewis
  • James Olsen
  • Jianwei Qiu
  • Jie Chen
  • Joshua Berger
  • Jovan Mitrevski
  • Keith Ulmer
  • Kenichi Hatakeyama
  • Kin Yip
  • Marc-Andre Pleier
  • Mariangela Lisanti
  • Maxim Perelstein
  • Michael Begel
  • Prerit Jaiswal
  • Ricardo Neves
  • Richard Gray
  • Robert McCarthy
  • Roberto Rossin
  • Rouven Essig
  • Rustem Ospanov
  • Ryan Gavin
  • Sally Dawson
  • Sourabh Dube
  • srini rajagopalan
  • Takao Sakaguchi
  • Tapas Sarangi
  • Thomas Rizzo
  • Vivek Jain
  • William Kilgore
  • William Morse
  • Yuri Gershtein
  • Zuowei Liu
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