2020 EIC Users Group Meeting

Online Zoom meeting (FIU)

Online Zoom meeting


Miami, Florida
Lei Guo, Misak Sargsian (contact), Wim Cosyn (contact) (Florida International University)

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The 2020 edition of the “Electron-Ion Collider User Group Meeting” will take place online through Zoom from July 15th to 17th.

This user meeting will be the first one to take place after the recent CD0 and site selection made by the US Department of Energy, with the EIC to be constructed at Brookhaven National Laboratory in partnership with Jefferson Lab.  

As such the meeting will focus on the EIC physics program featuring topical sessions on new advances in physics as well as accelerator and detector R&D related to the ElC.  Special emphasis will be given to the Yellow Report Initiative with discussions of the activities of the physics, detectors and accelerator Working Group and their associated sub-working groups.

    • 9:50 AM 12:00 PM
      Plenary Session: Wednesday Morning Session
      Convener: Wim Cosyn (FIU)
    • 12:00 PM 12:40 PM
      Break 40m
    • 12:40 PM 2:00 PM
      Plenary Session: US Funding Agency Presentations
      Convener: Misak Sargsian (Florida International University)
      • 12:40 PM
        US Funding Agency Presentations: Department of Energy 40m
        Speaker: Tim Hallman (DOE)
      • 1:20 PM
        US Funding Agency Presentations: National Science Foundation 40m
        Speaker: Allena Opper (NSF)
    • 2:00 PM 2:20 PM
      Break 20m
    • 2:20 PM 4:50 PM
      Plenary Session: Countries / Community representatives
      Convener: Bernd Surrow (Temple University)
      • 2:20 PM
        Countries / Community representatives: India 30m
        Speaker: Bedanga Mohanty (National Institute of Science Education and Research)
      • 2:50 PM
        Countries / Community representatives: Czech Republic 30m
        Speaker: Jaroslav Bielcik (FNSPE CTU Prague)
      • 3:20 PM
        Countries / Community representatives: Germany 30m
        Speaker: Andreas Schafer (Regensburg University)
      • 3:50 PM
        Countries / Community representatives: Poland 30m
        Speaker: Mariusz Przybycien (AGH University of Science and Technology)
      • 4:20 PM
        Countries / Community representatives: Canada 30m
        Speaker: Wouter Deconinck
    • 10:00 AM 1:00 PM
      Plenary Session: IB Meeting - IB members/delegates encouraged to attend, but participation open to all
      Conveners: Andrea Bressan, Christine Aidala (Michigan)
      • 10:00 AM
        IB News 15m
        Speakers: Andrea Bressan, Christine Aidala (Michigan)
      • 10:15 AM
        Expressions of Interest Q&A 45m
        Speakers: Dr E. C. Aschenauer (BNL), Rolf Ent (Jefferson Lab)
      • 11:00 AM
        Discussion of upcoming call for detector proposals and collaboration formation 30m
        Speakers: Andrea Bressan, Christine Aidala (Michigan), E. C. Aschenauer (BNL), Rolf Ent (Jefferson Lab)
      • 11:30 AM
        Charter update discussion 30m
        Speaker: Richard Milner (MIT)
      • 12:00 PM
        EOI contributed presentation: Institute for Modern Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences + consortium of Chinese institutions 7m
        Speaker: Dr Yuxiang Zhao (Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
      • 12:07 PM
        EOI contributed presentation: CEA Saclay 7m
        Speaker: Francesco Bossu (CEA-Saclay)
      • 12:14 PM
        EOI contributed presentation: INFN 7m
        Speaker: Silvia Dalla Torre (INFN, Trieste)
      • 12:21 PM
        EOI contributed presentation: AGH U. of Science and Technology, IFJ PAN, and Temple – Forward detectors in the electron hemisphere 7m
        Speakers: Bernd Surrow (Temple University), Janusz Chwastowski (INP PAS, Cracow), Krzysztof Piotrzkowski (UCLouvain & AGH UST), Mariusz Przybycien (AGH University of Science and Technology)
      • 12:28 PM
        EOI contributed presentation: Consortium to construct the Electron Endcap Electromagnetic Calorimeter (crystal/glass) - CUA, MIT, IPN Orsay, Kentucky, Lehigh, Alikhanian National Laboratory 7m
        Speakers: Ani Aprahamian (AANL), Carlos Munoz Camacho (IJCLab, CNRS/IN2P3), Cristiano Fanelli (MIT), Douglas Hasell (MIT), Hamlet Mkrtchyan (A. Alikhanyan National Science Laboratory), Ian Pegg (CUA), Renee Fatemi (University of Kentucky), Richard Milner (MIT), Rosi Reed (Lehigh University), Tanja Horn (Cath)
      • 12:35 PM
        EOI contributed presentation: Los Alamos National Lab 7m
        Speaker: Ivan Vitev (LANL)
      • 12:42 PM
        EOI contributed presentation: University of California EIC Consortium 7m
        Speaker: Miguel Arratia (University of California, Riverside)
      • 12:49 PM
        EOI contributed presentation: Stony Brook University 5m
        Speaker: Klaus Dehmelt (Stony Brook University)
      • 12:54 PM
        EOI contributed presentation: Argonne National Lab 5m
        Speaker: Sylvester Joosten (Argonne National Laboratory)
    • 1:01 PM 2:00 PM
      Break 59m
    • 2:00 PM 5:00 PM
      Plenary Session: Yellow Report PWG
      Conveners: Adrian Dumitru (Dept. of Natural Sciences, Baruch College (CUNY)), Andreas Metz (Temple University), Carlos Munoz Camacho (IJCLab, CNRS/IN2P3), Olga Evdokimov (UIC)
      • 2:00 PM
        Inclusive reactions WG 20m
        Speakers: Barak Schmookler (Stony Brook University), Renee Fatemi (University of Kentucky), nobuo sato (Jefferson Lab)
      • 2:35 PM
        Semi-inclusive Reactions WG 20m
        Speakers: Anselm Vossen (Duke University), Bowen Xiao (Central China Normal University), Justin Stevens (William & Mary), Ralf Seidl (RIKEN), Vladimirov Alexey (Regensburg University)
      • 3:10 PM
        Jets, Heavy Quarks WG 20m
        Speakers: Brian Page (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Ernst Sichtermann (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Frank Petriello (Northwestern University), Ivan Vitev (LANL), Leticia Cunqueiro (ORNL)
      • 3:45 PM
        Exclusive Reactions WG 20m
        Speakers: Barbara Pasquini (University of Pavia and INFN, Pavia), Daria Sokhan, Raphael Dupre (IPN Orsay), Salvatore Fazio (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Tuomas Lappi (University of Jyvaskyla)
      • 4:20 PM
        Diffractive Reactions & Tagging WG 20m
        Speakers: Anna Stasto (Penn State University), Douglas Higinbotham (Jefferson Lab), Or Hen (MIT), Spencer Klein (LBNL), Wim Cosyn (Ghent University)
    • 10:00 AM 1:00 PM
      Plenary Session: Yellow Report DWG
      Conveners: Kenneth Barish (UC Riverside), Markus Diefenthaler (Jefferson Lab), Peter Jones (University of Birmingham), Silvia Dalla Torre (INFN, Trieste), Tanja Horn (Cath)
      • 10:00 AM
        Integration, Material budget, Magnet 1h

        1) Integration issues
        2) Continue discussion on material budget
        -- include detector dead areas defined by services
        3) Configurations correlated with the magnet (bore, field, etc.) - what is really needed?
        -- pro/con for different magnets

        Speakers: Alexander Kiselev (BNL), William Brooks (Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María)
      • 11:00 AM
        Background level 20m

        short presentation on where things are

      • 11:20 AM
        Data rates (background + signal) 20m

        1) estimating the number of channels to read, the expected rate per channel, the information to read.
        2) contribution from detectors-related noise
        3) hit rate in the VTX layers of the tracking detectors including background.
        4) radiation dose in the VTX layers of the tracking detectors in both TID and NIEL.
        5) ...

        Speakers: Andrea Celentano (INFN-Genova), Damien Neyret (CEA Saclay IRFU/DPhN)
      • 11:40 AM
        Path towards "full detector simulations" 20m
        Speakers: Kenneth Barish (UC Riverside), Peter Jones (University of Birmingham), Silvia Dalla Torre (INFN, Trieste), Tanja Horn (Cath)
      • 12:00 PM
        Detector matrix review and moving the needle forward 20m
        Speakers: Kenneth Barish (UC Riverside), Peter Jones (University of Birmingham), Silvia Dalla Torre (INFN, Trieste), Tanja Horn (Cath)
      • 12:20 PM
        Path towards complementarity 30m
        Speakers: E. C. Aschenauer (BNL), Paul Newman (University of Birmingham, UK)
      • 12:50 PM
        Additional topics 10m