Workshop on Tau Neutrinos from GeV to EeV 2021 (NuTau2021)

This workshop will be held as a virtual event (Hosted by Brookhaven National Laboratory)

This workshop will be held as a virtual event

Hosted by Brookhaven National Laboratory


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This workshop will examine the current state of knowledge of tau neutrinos and their role in understanding the lepton and neutrino sector of particle physics. We will examine the full range of tau neutrinos from GeV neutrinos produced in neutrino oscillations in accelerator experiments and the atmosphere to EeV tau neutrinos produced by astrophysical sources. The workshop will also examine future opportunities both in terms of ambitious experiments and expanded understanding of neutrino physics to use tau neutrinos as probes of new physics and precision tests of neutrino mixing, unitarity and other topics.

The below schedule is the current estimate of the program, subject to minor modifications. Please note that the agenda times are indicated in US Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) which is (UTC-4, GMT-4).

A whitepaper will be produced summarizing the results of the workshop that will be used as input to the Snowmass 2021 community planning effort currently underway in particle physics. This whitepaper and the outcome of the workshop will help guide DOE HEP and the HEPAP and P5 (Particle Physics Project Prioritization Panel) panels to inform potential new research directions over the coming decades. A link to the read-only overleaf version is available here.

Workshop minutes (read only) are available here 

Event ID: 0000003549

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