Probing quark-gluon matter with jets

Large Seminar Room (BNL)

Large Seminar Room


Megan Connors (Georgia State University RBRC), Yacine Mehtar-Tani (INT, University of Washington), Brian Page (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Felix Ringer (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Konrad Tywoniuk (CERN), Marta Verweij (Vanderbilt University / RIKEN BNL Research Center)

Observables involving QCD jets have proven to be effective in probing the hot nuclear medium created in heavy ions collisions. In the last decade important theoretical and experimental advances have been achieved towards understanding jet evolution in QCD media, stimulated by jet measurements at RHIC and LHC.

Novel substructure techniques that were developed recently within the high-energy community have also draw much attention in the context of heavy ion collisions and are currently being investigated. While the latter efforts are mainly attempting to describe final-state interactions, jets in electron-ion collisions constitute comprehensive tools for probing the nuclear structure.

The workshop aims at bringing together leading experts form the heavy ion and the high energy communities, theorists and experimentalists, to review the latest progress jet physics in the various subfields, share their respective expertise and discuss the related technical challenges. The goal is to provide a platform to assess the new jet observables whose scope is probing quark-gluon matter.

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Jet quenching in heavy ion collisions and small systems

  • Jets in eA collisions   

  • Jet substructure

  • Monte Carlo implementations



Dorothy Davis