24th ATF Users' Meeting




The Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) is a DOE Office of Science National User Facility that provides users with high-brightness electron- and laser-beams, and ultrafast electron diffraction capabilities. The ATF has provided a facility for users to study the properties of modern accelerators and new techniques of particle acceleration and radiation generation for over 25 years. It is the designated user facility for the Accelerator Stewardship Program.

During the meeting, the progress of the ongoing user experimental program will be presented and the ATF Program Advisory Committee (APAC) will review  proposals for new experiments that are consistent with the ATF's mission within the Accelerator Stewardship Program.

Meeting Objectives

  • The ATF Program Advisory Committee (APAC) will review the ongoing user program and evaluate the scientific and technology merit of new experimental proposals that are synergistic with the mission of the DOE Office of Science Accelerator Stewardship Program.
  • The meeting will serve as a forum for collaboration and a platform for users to report their work to APAC and the research community.
  • The current status, performance, and future plans for the ATF will be presented.

Please be advised that all sessions will be recorded.

Event ID: E000003919

Note: This meeting falls under Exemption E. Meetings such as Advisory Committee and Federal Advisory Committee meetings. Solicitation/Funding Opportunity Announcement Review Board meetings, peer review/objective review panel meetings, evaluation panel/board meetings, and program kick-off and review meetings (including those for grants and contracts) and is open to the public.

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