EDIT School 2023

Gabriella Carini, Hucheng Chen (BNL), Michael Begel (Brookhaven National Lab), Sara Capp (Brookhaven National Laboratory)

EDIT (Excellence in Detector and Instrumentation Technologies) is a school series that is devoted to young researchers, in their graduate studies or in their first year as post docs, seeking to acquire a deeper knowledge on the major aspects of detectors and instrumentation technologies for particle physics.

Program Overview

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  • Silicon Sensors: Design, Fabrication, and Testing
  • Integrated Electronics for Detector Readouts
  • Data Acquisition Systems for Quick Prototyping of Detectors Readout and an Experiment
  • Liquid Argon Detectors: Physics, Design, and Operation
  • Liquid Scintillators: Properties, Fabrication, and Analysis
  • RF Cosmology: Techniques, Instrumentation, and Data
  • Quantum Network: Concepts, Components, and Capabilities

Local Organizers

  • Gabriella Carini (BNL)
  • Michael Begel (BNL)
  • Hucheng Chen (BNL)
  • Sara Capp (BNL)

Sponsors and/or Co-sponsors

EDIT Instrumentation Schools

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Additional Information

Attestation required for EDIT School
Coordinator: Sara Capp