Inaugural Workshop on Applications of Cosmic Ray Measurements

2608 (25 Park Place)


25 Park Place

Georgia State University, 25 Park Place, Atlanta, GA 30303

In recent years, there are many interesting reported application of using cosmic rays, which include space and earth weather monitoring, non-invasive cosmic ray tomography, soil moisture monitoring, public health, STEM training, etc. Over a century long effort of technology development of cosmic ray detection, especially in the antiparticle physics community, variety of cosmic ray detectors have been developed world-wide with varying size, cost and technology choices.

This workshop aims to bring together experts of cosmic ray detection/simulation and the community of using cosmic ray measurements in any field of applications and to share knowledge and technology. We also hope to establish an international collaboration of building a low-cost and reliable cosmic ray detector (with multi-sensors) network to monitor cosmic ray flux variation in real-time on a global scale.

The topics of this workshop include, but not limited to the following
– Cosmic ray detection and readout electronics
– Cosmic ray simulation and data analysis
– Sensor network
– Applications of using cosmic rays
– STEM training

Workshop Website for more information