Brookhaven Forum 2021: Opening New Windows to the Universe (BF2021)


Brookhaven Forum 2021 (BF2021): Opening New Windows to the Universe (BF2021), will be held at Brookhaven National Laboratory, November 3–5, 2021.

After decades of intense theoretical and experimental effort, a number of fundamental questions remain open in particle physics and cosmology. The BF2021 scientific program will aim to explore new conceptual frameworks and experimental methods that can help establish innovative approaches to addressing those questions and arriving at a deeper understanding of Nature, in the coming years. Both plenary and parallel talks have been scheduled: see the program below.

The plenary and parallel talks will also be hosted on a single zoom link available to registered participants only. Breakout rooms will be used for the various parallel tracks.

There will be a public lecture on Thursday, November 4, by Sara Seager on exoplanets.

Plenary and parallel speakers: please upload your slides as soon as possible. If you do not have access, please email them to nkelly at

All participants are required to conduct themselves in a professional fashion. Discrimination and harassment are not tolerated. In the event of a problem people contact the event co-chairs and/or BNL's DEI office as appropriate.

Event ID: 0000003662

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