SURGE Collaboration Meeting and Workshop

Physics Department (Bldg. 510), Large Seminar Room (Hosted by Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Physics Department (Bldg. 510), Large Seminar Room

Hosted by Brookhaven National Laboratory


The first meeting of the Saturated Glue (SURGE) Topical Collaboration.

Collaboration mission: Discover and explore the gluon saturation regime of quantum chromodynamics by advancing calculations to high precision and developing a comprehensive framework to compute observables and compare to a wide range of experimental data, including predictions for the Electron Ion Collider (EIC).

Collaboration Goals

  • Identify observables that are sensitive to gluon saturation in polarized and unpolarized proton-nucleus collisions (p + A), ultraperipheral heavy ion and p + A collisions, in DIS off polarized protons or light nuclei (e + p), and in DIS off heavy nuclei (e + A).
  • Provide robust end-to-end calculations minimizing known uncertainties for each of these observables with an ambitious goal of < 10% accuracy, sufficient for unambiguous characterization of the gluon dominated small x regime in protons and nuclei.
  • Incorporate results in a novel global analysis framework for data-theory comparisons that can be systematically improved to cleanly establish evidence for a universal gluon saturation regime in QCD.
  • Explore the larger implications of the ideas and techniques developed during the project and their interdisciplinary connections.

A realistic goal in small x studies is 10% accuracy. This is driven by the fact that process-dependent so-called “impact factors” for key final states are progressing towards next-to-leading order (NLO) accuracy; likewise, there is progress in computing small-x evolution equations to next-to-leading logarithmic accuracy. We will also discuss reducing uncertainties in initial conditions, spin dynamics and parton fragmentation to this required level.

Topics or Session Information

  • Initial state
  • Small x evolution and next-to-leading order calculations
  • Spin
  • Final state
  • Framework and global analysis


Event ID: E000004955

Note: This event falls under Exemption B (Meetings to consider internal agency business matters held in Federal facilities. This exemption would include activities such as meetings that take place as part of an organization's regular course of business, do not exhibit indicia of a formal conference, and take place in a Federal facility).