2021 RHIC/AGS Annual Users' Meeting

Christine Nattrass (University of Tennessee, Knoxville), Ron Belmont (University of North Carolina Greensboro), Sevil Salur (Rutgers University)

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The Annual RHIC & AGS Users' Meeting will be held online on June 8–11, 2021. The meeting will highlight the latest physics results from the STAR and PHENIX experiments and provide an outlook with the continuation of the STAR beam energy scan, the sPHENIX program, and the EIC.

Workshops that will be held on Tuesday, June 8th and Wednesday June 9th will enable more in-depth discussions of the beam energy scan, measurements of hard probes in heavy ion collisions, studies of small systems, strong field effects, cold QCD, careers in data science, physics opportunities at the EIC, and detector developments at the EIC. There will be a poster session on Thursday, June 10th. We will have plenary sessions on Thursday, June 10th and Friday, June 11th.

Presentations of highlights from all four RHIC experiments, the latest physics results from STAR and PHENIX experiments, an in-depth look at the proposed detector upgrades and future experiments, reports from representatives from the funding agencies, and award ceremonies will also be held during the plenary sessions

Event ID: 0000003671

Note: This meeting falls under Exemption E. Meetings such as Advisory Committee and Federal Advisory Committee meetings. Solicitation/Funding Opportunity Announcement Review Board meetings, peer review/objective review panel meetings, evaluation panel/board meetings, and program kick-off and review meetings (including those for grants and contracts) are open to the public.